“Something Pretty”

As well as so many other extraordinary gifted female vocalists it all commenced with two X-chromosomes full to the maximum with musical gene pools. Nine months later Isabelle Arnfjell, Belle, did her grand entrance on a Saturday in December 1980, to her parents delight. There is no need to doubt, she made it clear almost at once that she knew how to use her mighty sharp voice resources in positive connotations, and she has continued on that path ever since.

When you are reading the table of contents of this amazing and talented Swedish female singer/songwriter you will soon notice a red thread that she has carried and still carry with her through thick and thin, in times of good and bad. From her early musical memories and experiences to where Isabelle is standing today, you discern a strong willed and an ambitious young lady with a playful and beautiful sounding ‘Heart of David’ that affect and share its heartfelt fondness of the Originator and endless Source of the viability she bear within herself.

“I have always admired artistry that have plenty to say and is doing well on once prevalence manner. Kim Hill, Dolly Parton, Lucinda Williams, Julie and Buddy Miller as well as Steve Earle are some great positive examples. Although I myself have grown up with both pop and gospel, and been working a lot within those genres of music; I strive toward more space for my own thoughts and emotions lyrically. I feel I find the most of those ingredients in the acoustic based music landscape”, Isabelle underlines.

Melodies with their peculiar ways to paste themselves rock solid in remembrance, that is Isabelle’s trademark. She has a God given talent to set the tone, harmonies and raise to life separate syllables in the lyricists rows of text that ends up affecting people, both consciously and unwarily.

Together with lyricists of a wide range caliber and a multitude of genres Isabelle pursued songwriting and making demos for grand music publishers as Air-Chrysalis, BMG, EMI, Universal and lesser known publishers as Linx Music (a Naxos Sweden label).

Apart from performing her own musical masterpieces she lends out her skilled vocal cords to the elite of Sweden’s songwriters and music producers, a little now and then. This has resulted in Isabelle getting very valuable studio experience and at the same time the opportunity to sing on a wide array of demos with hit song status, whom la crème de la crème of the top selling recording artists get to pick and choose for themselves to record. “Come On Over” is a good example of one off these demos that went on to become a worldwide mega hit for popstar Christina Aguilera. The protracted top position of “Come On Over” on the prestigious chart “The Billboard Hot 100” contributed to that the excellent Swedish songwriter and music producer Paul Rein got his international breakthrough.

Isabelle Arnfjell think, speak, breathe and live to take her spirit driven music mainstream and make a positive impact. Her music pervades of profound affection and hope for the future, which greatly depends on the fact that her Christian faith is so much more than only a private religious oasis that she keep for herself. Isabelle’s Christian faith run as a blood red thread through out all she has done, does and striving toward. Isabelle have a passion and commitment for her artistry that reaches far beyond here and now. She is a farsighted young female whom have no problem with not following the mainstream dithers.

In today’s world of music most artists and their entourage seam to have a mutual emulation to find new ways to stun their audiences and raise public attention by their hair raising lack of manners and there by prove the point that they are in desperate need to wise up their act. Why attempt to follow the flow instead of being unique?

Isabelle Arnfjell is both unique and outlandishly brilliant – a Nordic superstar on the up rise. Her sweet, refreshing, endearing voice infuses the music with sincerity and imagination. That’s why you ought to take the time to enjoy her captivating music and you will soon realize that you just can’t get enough!


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